Water is a magical resource that has made the existence of life possible on earth. A normal water molecule is made up of two atoms of hydrogen bonded to one atom of oxygen. Due to its bond structures, water has been considered as a universal solvent, meaning it can dissolve almost any solute in it. Water can exist in 3 different forms-solid, liquid and gas. Depending upon the temperature, changes in forms can be seen.

Water can be found in water bodies such as ponds, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, glaciers etc. If there’s water then you’re sure to find life there. Human beings can consume only portable water which is free from hard minerals, salts and other pollutants. Water processed under treatment plants can be consumed, as they are made suitable for drinking purposes. The amount of water required by the human body depends upon factors such as age, physical workout, disease conditions, environmental factors etc.

According to The National Academies of Sciences and Engineering and Medicine states that an average male should have a minimum of 3.7 litre and an average female should have 2.7 Litre of water in a day. That doesn’t mean you cannot drink more than the suggested values. You can drink more water as it will benefit you to the utmost.

Water comprises of three-fourth of your body weight. Imagine what will happen to your body If all the water is squeezed out of it. Sounds horrible! Isn’t it?

You need water for quenching your thirst but there are more reasons for this why you should drink ample water every day.

1) Boosts energy

Water is an essential requirement for performing metabolic processes in our bodies. Drinking more and more water can activate all these processes and can raise energy levels within the body.

2) Regulates the body temperature

During summers or physical performances, our body is subjected to a lot of elevation in temperature. In such a situation chances are of raising body temperature above the normal range.

Water can regulate internal body temperature through sweat formation. Sweat in human bodies can prevent overheating during high temperatures. So it is very important to drink more water not just to quench your thirst but for several other reasons.

3) Enables digestion

Digestion is the breakdown process of complex food. With more intake of water, the breakdown of various complex molecules of food particles becomes easier and faster. So, drink enough water for effective digestion of food.

4) Maintains blood pressure

Scarcity of water in human bodies can cause thickening of the blood. In such a condition increase in the blood pressure can occur. But with water, no such situation arises.

5) Nourishes skin

Sufficient water consumption will keep your skin hydrated and may facilitate collagen production. However, the type of skin is decided by various other factors such as age, genetics, environment etc. But with more intake of water, we can certainly prevent shrinking of skin and provide moisturization.

6) Promotes weight loss

Drinking water enables a sense of fullness within our bodies. Due to which we often avoid eating unnecessary food items and this can cause a significant decrease in body weight.

7) Flushes body waste

Various metabolic processes in our bodies can produce waste formation. These wastes can be excreted out in various forms such as sweat, urine, faeces etc. Water enables the excretion of waste products in our bodies and helps kidneys from getting damaged. Accumulation of wastes within kidneys can cause kidney stones.

8) Increases cognitive functions

Water keeps your focus on the right track and helps to boost your alertness, consciousness and memory. So, water is essential for overall mental functioning.

9) Maximizes physical performances

Hydration can determine the strength, power, vigour and endurance of a human body. Physical workouts need energy and energy comes from the breakdown of calories within the body. When this process occurs rapidly and for a long duration of time, it can lead to perspiration. For maintaining an adequate balance of electrolytes frequent consumption of water is required to ensure an effective body workout.

10) Supplies minerals and nutrients

Water comprises of various minerals and nutrients dissolved in it. Our bodies require minerals for performing several functions such as for maintaining fluid balance, muscle contraction and relaxation, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, blood clotting, blood pressure regulation, acid-base balance etc.

11) Improves mood

Scarcity of water can affect your mood. Lack of water in human bodies is responsible for causing confusion, anxiety and fatigue.

So far you must have realized how important water is. Every cell, tissue, organ, organ system and body needs water to function appropriately. You don’t just have to rely on drinking water to work properly but consuming fruits, vegetables etc can also indirectly supply you water. Consuming various other fluids can also work for some people but for the majority of the population, water is a must for full-fledged functioning of their respective bodies. So maintaining a healthy balance in terms of food and fluids is very important.

While you finish reading this article, make sure that you have a glass of water for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

~Priyanka Padhi

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