Contract Manufacturing


We manufacture the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products as per the needs and requirements of the buyer. Quality is the first thing in the mind of the buyer while getting the brand manufactured at a new facility. We understand its importance.

So, whether the client is new or an old one, we supply the best quality products with all the test reports to showcase our excellence and stability.
All the products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with dedicated areas for each section.

We at MEDYUR, specialize in manufacturing of:

Our plant is approved by WHO GMP certification and we adhere to all international standards and latest cGMP guidelines.

Expert and experienced staff in all fields to maintain the MEDYUR name and make all brands of competitive products in the market.
We at MEDYUR, provide:

FLEXIBLE BATCH SIZE – There is no minimum batch size – We make everything according to the customer’s requirement.
TIMELY DELIVERY- We deliver at the pre-decided time without any delays, as our past records state. We know the importance of customer commitment and we follow it with full honesty.

QUALITY CONTROL AND ASSURANCE – All the raw material is first tested and after its approval it is then sent for manufacturing by our experienced team. After the final product is ready, quality is checked with proper testing at our own fully equipped lab and after the clearance from the QC team, the product is cleared for dispatch.

COMPETITIVE COST – We provide the Best Quote Possible and due to our Bulk Raw Material purchase, we quote with the best possible price in the market without compromising on any aspect of the product.

PACKAGING – We have latest packaging technology and we specialize in packaging of all dosage forms. Packaging is very important for the shelf life of each product and we give it full reference in order to give the best possible option to maintain the standards.